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Welcome to our new weekly segment dedicated to the DJ. Our first feature mix is by Spontaneous Mixx from St. Louis, MO. Learn more about him below and listen this great mix below.


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Born and raised in St. Louis, Spontaneous Mixx has always been a music enthusiast. Even as an adolescent, when most his age were just listening to music, Spontaneous was keen on observing production styles and musical influences. He became interested in the art of mixing songs while still in high school and started learning to spin in 2000 when a close friend bought a set of turntables. In the early 2000s, Spontaneous began subcontracting work for a local DJ company, and taking random gigs with other DJ friends until the mid 2000s when he started to venture out on his own.

At the beginning of his mix-show career, Spontaneous was a hip-hop DJ, but has since evolved to appeal to a larger audience.  He now spins the hottest top40 hits, mixed with electronic and pop music.  He is, as his namesake suggests, a very spontaneous DJ, in that he does not perform pre-practiced, pre-arranged mix sets, and no one night sounds like the other.

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WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?! BY spunkybrewstar

Things That Make Ya Go…WTF.

It’s Bo Time

First, the inglorious MLK party flyers, then, Nicki Minaj’s controversial use of Malcolm X’s photo, and now, while it doesn’t necessarily disgrace any one historically recognized human rights activist (though, it does manage to embarrass us all), THIS.

bojanglespartybanner (1)bojanglespartydetails (2)bojanglespartyattendees (3)

That’s right, folks, the youth are twerking for fried chicken and biscuits.

I received a Facebook ‘event notification’ for this ridiculosity and couldn’t believe it was a real thing.  Naturally, I vented my disgust via Facebook status post:

spunkybrewstarstatus (4)
Most who commented found the notion of a Bojangles Twerkfest, hilarious.

It was only ever sad and disgusting to me.

Especially as I read through some of the comments on the event page:


“Im throwing chicken on whoever twerk the best!”

“Man is Yu sellin boberry biscuits?”


These kids make my spirit hurt …like, have they NO respect for themselves or their peers?  And where does this behavior come from? Is it learned behavior?  Are the parents around?  Better question, are the parents aware and engaged in their kids’ lives?  Is it the music (::waves at Miley::)?  Is it the television programming?  The movies? Their environment?  Their friends, but if that’s the case, the friends had to have gotten it from somewhere as well.  So what is the ROOT of the problem?  I’d say if ever there were a time to figure it out, when the youth are bent over jiggling their giblets for giblets, THAT IS THE TIME.

Where They Do That At?  Apparently, Fayetteville,  NC.

-Spunky, out.