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The Walk Of Shame 4 The Rise To Fame-Pt 2 by Tiffany L. Riley

Sex, lies, and videotape LOL!!!  Here it is, part 2 of The Walk of Shame 4 the Rise To Fame!!  Get ready for more jaw dropping and eye popping news on these raunchy celebs and new found pornstars!


Jennifer Toof a.k.a. Toastee was a contestant on the second season of Flavor of Love in 2006 but was eliminated after Flavor Flav discovered she had a “pornographic past”.  Shortly after that Jennifer got back into the business and made a sex tape.   Unlike some of the other reality stars/celebrities, she admitted that she made the tape and was looking for a distribution company to sell it.   Of course, it was picked up by none other than Vivid Entertainment.


The film titled Toastee Exposed was released in 2007 while Jennifer was a contestant on VH1’s Charm School.  She expressed her excitement for doing the movie and said that she enjoys being nude and that more people should be in tune with their sexuality.  Her tape is still a top seller for Vivid Entertainment.


Kendra Wilkinson was one of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends on the hit TV show The Girls Next Door on E!.  In 2009 Kendra moved out of Hefner’s famous mansion when she met her future husband, Hank Baskett.


After getting married and having a son a year later, a sex tape surfaced of Kendra and a high school boyfriend that was made in 2005 when she was just 18 years old.  It was titled Kendra Exposed and released in 2010 despite Kendra’s efforts to block the film from being sold.  Vivid Entertainment secretly distributed the film, paid Kendra a sum of $680,000, and told her she would be entitled to 50 percent of the sales.  Even though Kendra received a nice payout, she would’ve preferred that the tape was never released.  Since then she has had a successful run at reality TV.  Her show titled Kendra aired for three seasons on E!, and she now has a new show on the WE TV channel titled Kendra On Top.




Montana Fishburne is the daughter of legendary actor Laurence Fishburne.  She saw how successful Kim Kardashian’s tape was and wanted to follow in her footsteps (girl, did you forget who your daddy is??).


Montana first shot an hour long scene in porn star Brian Pumper’s film Phatty Rhymes & Dimes 14.  Brian accused her of trying to leak the film so he “shelved” it, but that wasn’t the end of the road for Montana.  In 2010 she made her official debut in Montana Exposed.  With scenes shot in a car, hotel room, and shopping mall, she felt the film’s debut was very important as she wanted to jump start her career.  Montana’s film was a commercial success with Vivid Entertainment and she is planning to make more films in the future.



Joan Laurer a.k.a. Chyna is a former professional wrestler who was in the WWF from 1997 to 2001.  Chyna has posed for Playboy twice, starred in several TV shows, and has a sex tape…..well 6 of them to be exact!!  WHAT IN THE HELL???

Chyna’s first tape debuted in 2004 and was titled 1 Night in Chyna.  It starred her and her ex-boyfriend Sean Waltman and was released by Red Light District Video.  The follow up to her debut, Another Night In Chyna came years later in 2009.   Chyna switched things up in 2011 and partnered with Vivid Entertainment for the release of her next tape Backdoor to Chyna.


Backdoor To Chyna was supposedly a hit for Vivid, but it sparked major controversy due to Chyna engaging in a threesome in the film.  Although she claimed to not enjoy making the movies, she went on to make three more films because the money was great.  As the old saying goes ‘money talks’…

She is currently still under contract with Vivid and plans to make more films (surprise surprise).  Some have wondered if she ever misses her days of working as a professional wrestler; her response: “Not really.”




Farrah Abraham gained popularity after appearing on the hit MTV show Teen Mom.  She was on the show for four seasons until it ended in 2012.  The following year there was word that a sex tape surfaced of her and alleged “boyfriend” porn star James Deen.

Originally the pair said that the tape was stolen but later admitted to leaking the film for publicity.  The film titled Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom was released through Vivid Entertainment.



Farrah was paid $1.5 million for the movie but received a ton of backlash from the public.  Her parents even took her on The Dr. Phil Show to receive therapy and advice from Dr. Phil.  I think it’s safe to say that their attempt to help was unsuccessful because Ms. Farrah recently released the sequel to her sex tape, Farrah 2: Backdoor And More, starring herself and James Deen yet again.

Farrah said she has no regrets on making the sex tapes and that she looks forward to working with Vivid Entertainment in the future.

Well this ends part 2 of our little stroll down The Walk of Shame 4 the Rise To Fame.  I’m sure we can all agree on one thing: Vivid Entertainment has gotten PAID over the years!!!  I know there are many more celebrities/reality stars out there with similar stories, but these folks seemed to receive the most media attention.  Should they have done it??  It’s not for me, but hey, whatever floats your boat I suppose…good luck!  Who am I to judge?


Tiffany LaShonda Riley











 For generations it seems within the black race we have been at war with each other.  While we have heard and maybe even said jokes about LIGHT SKINNED black people VS DARK SKINNED black people, it’s still a very sensitive subject to discuss. For some people who may not be aware of this situation let me take it back a few hundred years.

 3black   Slaves10

Back in the days of slavery, light skinned and dark skinned black people lived separately.  One who had a lighter skin tone was able to live in the house with their white master and at times would be considered “WHITE”.  The other that had a darker skin tone was forced to live outside in their shed quarters (which normally would be the back of their Master’s home). 

Now of course as we all know “The Master” at times would be intimate with the black women slaves with a darker skin tone, and some would get pregnant by their master.  If the children were born with a lighter skin tone they were allowed to live in the house with their master (technically their father).  The children that were born with a darker skin tone would have to live outside with their mother in the shed quarters. 

So as you can see this probably set the tone for how the black race is so divided today.   NOW FAST FORWARD TO THE PRESENT!!!!!

We are still in the beginning of 2014 and continue to deal with this issue.  You see more and more black women and some black men bleaching their skin to be a lighter complexion.  Some of the black women say they bleach their skin for cosmetic reasons, while some say they do it because they feel a lighter skin tone will get them further in life.

It’s really hard to turn your head and ignore this when so many black celebrities are doing it.  Some black celebrities come into the industry with a dark skin tone and end up one or two shades lighter a few years later.  What is it really all about??……

lil-kim 5

                            LIL KIM (ABOVE)   


                       NICKI MINAJ (ABOVE)

                                    SAMMY SOSA (BELOW)


                                  BEYONCE (BELOW)


         Now why would these celebrities do this to themselves?   What examples are they setting for today’s youth?  Are they trying to say that “LIGHT SKIN IS THE RIGHT SKIN?”  If you want my opinion, it’s a very horrible message to display and is furthest from the truth.

         I myself am a black woman.  I’m not light skinned or dark skinned.   I would say I’m a brown girl stuck in the middle of this everlasting feud!!!!!! For what I’ve seen over the years, both sides get judged very harshly.  I’ve seen light skinned girls make fun of the dark skinned girls by calling them “blackies”, “ghetto”, or “ugly” because of the color of their skin.  I have also seen dark skinned girls talk really bad about light skinned girls by saying that they were “stuck up” or acted like they were “white”…….YEAH I KNOW IT’S RIDICULOUS AND IGNORANT!!!!!!

            I’ve seen light skinned and dark skinned black men talk bad about each other too.   It’s so stupid to me because whether you are light skinned or dark skinned, you are still BLACK.  Instead of feuding within our race we need to come together as one.   There are much bigger issues in the world to tackle and resolve; worrying about skin color should be the least of our problems.  Will there ever be any compromise on this issue?  Will we ever be united?  I don’t know and to be real with you all, it might just take another few hundred years to get the answer to that question.  The bottom line is…………….






Blessha bones cousins!!!! I hope you are warm cause I’m not….they need to take all this snow and dump it in the river to keep us from borrowing water like we had to do last summer!….And that concludes the weather report.

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EPIC THROWBACK READS: Whether you are male or female, if you haven’t read COLDEST WINTER EVER by Sista Souljah, your life is missing something major.  One of the greatest books ever written.  It’s so good I’ve read it a few times.  Also, check out Maya Angelou’s I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS…and tell me about it cause I didn’t have the patience for that one.  It went over my head in the first few pages, but I did however enjoy the poetry she put down in my favorite TUPAC movie, POETIC JUSTICE…and I quote “like a moth to the flame burned by the fire….”

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If you haven’t heard #warready with fat Rick Ross (apologies to you real RICK ROSS fans, but that man looks like his sweat stink from under his MOOBS=man boobs) and YOUNG JEEZY, Imma pull ya hiphop card…JEEZY delivers another EPIC style truth flow, while Ross continues to be DIFFERENT and let us know that his degree will always be respected in hip hop. *whistlin*

I don’t know who started the rumor that POTUS OBAMA is cheating with BEYONCE *vacant expression* but I want you to have a bleach on the rocks….

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MAJOR, MAJOR S/O to Min. Christopher (the director) Rembret, Min. Carva (the golden voice) White on their FIRST SERMONS last Sunday @ REPAIRERS OF THE BREACH CHRISTIAN CENTER, off Santa Fe Rd in KCMO….their Shephards are the truly lovable, and anointed, Pastors Carlton & Sylverana Funderburke!!  Chris and I go back to 8 tracks and Nokia phones *gigglin* and his choir work stays in my rotation, and well, let’s just pray the oil hit Carva’s hands and overtook the spirit of ashiness…*whistlin*….CONGRATS Gentlemen & the young lady who had her 1st sermon as well.   I KNOW YOU PREACHED TILL HELL TREMBLED!!!


MAJOR MAJOR S/O n Hugs & Kisses to my lil bruhs!  Prophet Jeremiah Dean & Pastor Justin Mackey as they also continue to do the work that God has called AND CHOSEN them for.  They are doing their sermons this Sunday @ 3!

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