Perfectly Polished by Candice Nicole

Summer has officially arrived!  Ladies it’s time to pull out the sundresses, shorts, skirts, and my personal favorite, sandals!!  There’s nothing like a super cute pair of sandals or wedges to add just the right touch to your outfit.  But before you slide on that pair of sandals you’ve been dying to wear, it’s a MUST that your feet are taken care of.  Some ladies prefer to do their own pedicure at home, but a lot of us enjoy the convenience of going to the nail salon.  You get to sit and enjoy the wonderful massage chair and the warm foot bath while a nail tech ‘goes to work’ (y’all remember that episode of Martin when Sheneneh went to work on Myra’s feet!!) on those corns, calluses, and cuticles!  When you’re finished, your feet are oh so soft, that polish is flawless, and you’re ready to run home so your man can rub ’em LOL!  A trip to the nail salon is great and all, but it’s extremely important to make sure that your salon of choice is safe and sanitary.  Here’s a list of helpful tips and things to look for on your next visit:

  • Inquire about how they disinfect their tools.  There are a couple different methods of sterilization, one of which is an autoclave.  An autoclave uses steam to sterilize the instruments and kill any pathogens.  UV sterilizers (which look like toaster ovens) do not kill bacteria.  Dirty tools spread bacteria, yuck!
  • Make sure that your technician is wearing gloves.  This prevents the transfer of bacteria between customers.
  • When going for a pedicure, never shave your legs less than 24 hours prior to your salon visit.  Open pores allow bacteria to get into your skin.
  • Feel free to bring your own tools to the salon.
  • Look around for any warning signs.  If you see dust, nail clippings, etc. those are red flags.
  • Do not, I repeat do not get your cuticles cut.  Your cuticles protect your nail bed from bacteria, so they should be left alone or pushed back with an orange stick.
  • Research the salon before your visit.  Check with the Better Business Bureau, talk to customers, and visit the salon prior to your important.  Look for posted certifications, watch the employes work, and ask questions.
  • Files, buffers, and sticks should not be reused!!  These items cannot be completely sterilized since they have porous surfaces and should be brand new for each client.
  • If you ever see any violations, you are encouraged to file a complaint through your state’s cosmetology licensing board.

These are just a few things you can do to ensure your health and safety aren’t compromised while keeping those feet, and hands, beautiful!  #healthynails #happyfeet #perfectlypolished


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