A few days ago, I had the pleasure of talking with DJ Stan Da Man. Stan has been deejaying for almost two decades.  He is a Derrty DJ and was voted St. Louis Best Hip Hop DJ in 2004 by the Riverfront Times.  It was a pleasure speaking with Stan, he was so cool and easy to talk to.  So here he is, this month’s featured Spin King, DJ Stan Da Man:


DJ STAN DA MAN:  Wassup Girl!


DJ STAN DA MAN:  Oh I’m good, how you doin?

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Much better since I got over my cold. (laughing)

DJ STAN DA MAN:  I’m glad you feeling better.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Thank you!  Alright let’s get started…how did you get started as a DJ?

DJ STAN DA MAN:  Well I was a dancer/choreographer.  I was in a group and they moved out to Los Angeles, CA and I stayed behind in St. Louis.  Later on I started hanging around DJ Charlie Chan Soprano and DJ SNO.  They taught me how to deejay.  I was a late bloomer. (laughing)

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  There’s nothing wrong with that! So what inspired you to get into deejaying?

DJ STAN DA MAN:  I am a die-hard music fan!  With me dancing and also trying to be an R&B singer, that seemed like it was going to be the next step.  I listen to multiple genres of music. Whenever people go to parties they see the DJ getting the crowd hype.  I always thought DJs were dope.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  You are so right about that!  So how long have you been deejaying?

DJ STAN DA MAN:  Since 1997.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  17 years?  Wow, you’re almost at 20 years!

DJ STAN DA MAN:  Yes it’s around the corner.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  You are a Derrty DJ.  How did you end up becoming one?

DJ STAN DA MAN:  It all got started a few years ago.  We all had a meeting with Nelly.  The group was formed with me, DJ AJ, DJ CD, DJ Charlie Chan Soprano, DJ C-Note, DJ Cuddy, and DJ 618.  DJ Charlie Chan Soprano was only in the group for a year and he decided to leave.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Now I heard you used to work for 100.3 The Beat back in the day.  How was that experience?

DJ STAN DA MAN:  Well let me set the record straight, I HAVE NEVER WORKED FOR 100.3 The Beat!  And the funny thing is a lot of people have come up to me and asked me the same question.  I was in negotiations a few years back with them, but nothing ever came of it.  Now I have worked for Q95.5, Hot 104.1, and Z107.7.  I did mixes for all of those radio stations.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Thank you Stan for clearing that up!

DJ STAN DA MAN:  I had to let people know.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  You were the Tour DJ for the St. Louis group Abyss.  I liked their hit song “Catch 22”.  Tell me how y’all hooked up.

DJ STAN DA MAN:  I was on the Budweiser Platinum Club Tour with hip hop artists Da Brat, Lil’ Jon, Xzibit and R&B group Koffee Brown.  My supervisor at Q95.5 set the meeting up with me and Abyss.  They asked me to be their DJ and I agreed, so I went on tour with them opening up for Nelly.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Do you have any mixtapes?  If so how many?

DJ STAN DA MAN:  I really don’t do mixtapes.  All my mixes that I do are on my website at

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Are there any artists, local or outside of St. Louis, that you enjoyed working with?  Who was your favorite?

DJ STAN DA MAN:  Lil’ Jon!  He was my favorite artist to work with based on his knowledge of music and the comedy (laughing).  He always kept me cracking up.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  What is your favorite piece of DJ equipment to use?

DJ STAN DA MAN:  The Technics 1200s (turntables).

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Do you have any upcoming projects?

DJ STAN DA MAN:  I do, but I’d rather not say until I‘ve sealed the deal.  I’ve learned from the past where I would talk about upcoming projects and then something would happen to mess it up.  So my lips are sealed! (laughing)

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY: I understand (laughing).  Where can the local people see you spin at?

DJ STAN DA MAN:  It varies so you can check me out on my Facebook music page and follow me on twitter for the latest events that I deejay.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  And there you have it!  Stan it was cool talking to you and I look forward to our next conversation.

DJ STAN DA MAN: Yeah it was.  Me too.






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