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I recently sat down for a one on one interview with St. Louis icon, DJ Charlie Chan Soprano.  This man right here has achieved so much in his 30 year career.  From founding and being a part of a successful group of deejays known as the “24 SCIENTISTS”, to deejaying for hip hop legend DMC (RUN-DMC), Charlie Chan Soprano shared so much with me during our conversation.  I definitely felt his passion and love for deejaying as he told his story.  In addition to being a DJ, he also has a profound respect for the culture.  He is my FRIEND FOR LIFE and I certainly look forward to future conversations with him!  A master of his craft and a truly humble individual, I introduce to you DJ Charlie Chan Soprano:



CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO :  Hey hey what’s up girl?!!

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  How are you doing?

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  I’m good, I’m doing a mixtape for my friend.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Really?!  COOL!  I am so excited to talk to you.

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  (laughing) I’m excited myself.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  YES!  Let’s get this going…How did you get started as a DJ?

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  Well when I was growing up it was just me and my mother.  She was a single mom.  My mother had this record player (turntable) that played 45s when I was 6 years old. From time to time she would tell me to put the 45 on the record player and showed me how to do it.  Also I heard the song “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa.  I thought it was a dope record.  My cousin did a mixtape and just seeing him mix songs together made me want to be a DJ.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  How long have you been deejaying?


TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Okay now I have been so intrigued with the name of your group 24 SCIENTISTS.  Is there a special meaning behind the name?  And how did the group get started?

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  Well back in 1994 me, D2 tha C, and Rod X were looking for a studio that we could record our mixtapes for free.  We came across this owner named Drexel and his friends David and Darrien, and at the time they owned SAINTS ( skating rink), The Ambassador, and The Loft.  David and Darrien had a recording studio called D2 Studios and they were also the first people to sign Nelly and the St. Lunatics.  They asked us who we were.  Rod X suggested that we become a group and come up with a really good name to tell those guys.  We then thought of the name 24 SCIENTISTS.  The name 24 SCIENTISTS is from revelations.  In the Islamic religion, 24 SCIENTISTS were also known as the Twenty Four Elders, or The Councils of the Gods.  Of the Twenty-Four, there are Twelve Major Scientists and Twelve Minor Scientists.  Now of the Twelve Major Scientists, there is one that is above all of them.  He is Allah.  The Twenty Four Elders were also responsible for writing history.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Very interesting!  I had no idea on the meaning of 24 SCIENTISTS.

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  Yeah……with us we’re not just a group. We are a brotherhood/sisterhood, we’re a family.  Anybody just can’t join 24 SCIENTISTS.    We have to feel a connection to you. It’s very spiritual for us. and we must know your character.  Take DJ EPIC for example; he introduced himself to me one day at Cuetopia.  We got to talking and I noticed a DJ controller that he had and it was real nice.  I said to him , “Hey that’s a nice controller.”  He told me, “here take it home with you to try it out” and then said I can use it whenever I want to.  I said no but Epic insisted.  Just the fact that he let me use the controller and told me I can get it anytime I wanted showed how nice he was and that he had a good character.  Another time Epic came over to my house and we hung out.  D2 tha C had been to talking with Epic via Facebook and later on came up to me and said, “Hey Charlie how come Epic ain’t part of 24 SCIENTISTS?”  Those are examples; it’s a personal connection.  24 SCIENTISTS is a family.  On Monday nights we get together at my house.  We sit around and play video games or as I call it “BEAT DOWN SESSIONS” on the Playstation 3.  I also have enlightening sessions where we will sit down and the older members will talk to the younger members and just try to give them some knowledge on life in general.  Sometimes we could start at like 8:00 pm and go as long as 3:00 am.  That’s just how we do as a family.  Nobody in the family ever needs or wants for nothing.  Four family members have their own home studio.  Two family members are graphic artists.  One has a degree in Engineering and another one has a degree in Mass Communications.  Three family members also are photographers and we also have one that is a Neo-Soul singer.  Every family member in our circle does something special.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  That is awesome!  To have a bond like that is just a beautiful thing.

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  It sure is.  I like keeping good people close to me.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  You are currently with HOT 104.1 doing the Throwback at Noon.  How long have you been doing it?

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  Well DJ SNO and myself got hired by RADIO ONE on September 11, 2000.  At the time it was Q95.5.  That radio station was a R&B/Hip Hop station in competition with 100.3 The Beat.  I brought on Stan the Man, DJ Needles and C-Note as well. I did not know that they were trying to get me on board.  We changed music in St. Louis by playing local artists and 100.3 The beat wasn’t doin’ that.  My boss at the time told me it was a requirement to play the hottest songs in rotation.  He also told us that he better not hear the other station (100.3 The Beat) play it before us or else it was gonna be a problem.  I remember one time he came up to me and asked , “How come Lights, Camera, Action is not being played?”  There was a real popular song out by Mr. Cheeks called “Lights, Camera, Action”.  Everybody was calling in asking for that song.  I told my boss, “The song is in rotation and it has been played.”  He then told me, “Oh it is?  Well then how come you’re not playing it right now?”  We had to make sure that 100.3 The Beat wasn’t out doing us.  We was playing Chingy, Petey Pablo, and we was the first to play Kanye West’s song “Through The Wire”.  I hated when Crunk music, or what I like to call N**** S***, took over!  I tried to hold out as long as I could before playing crunk music.  C-Note was the one that really got me to play crunk music.   He told me, “Charlie you got to come on board with it man.”   At the time C-Note had these mixtapes called CRUNKFEST.  I always listen to people that want to see me succeed.  A lot of people would say  “You ain’t on nothing but that EAST COAST s***!”  But to me east coast rappers have this nice smooth R&B feel to their music and they can flow.  So I was playing cats like Jadakiss, Young Gunz, Jay Z and pretty much anybody from Roc-A-Fella period.  I didn’t mind Lil’ Jon, I met him a few years back and was familiar with his music.  In 2004 Q95.5 became a contemporary R&B station known as FOXY 95.5.  Everyone at Q95.5 got fired but then rehired later on when it became HOT 104.1.  I’ve been doing Throwback at Noon since 2006.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Well I tell you what back in the day I really liked listening to Q95.5.  And you on the Throwback at Noon, man you be showing out.  You be playing everything from my favorite rap group OUTKAST to Mobb Deep, De La Soul, Tupac, Biggie, the list just goes on.

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  Right, thank you.  Speaking of Mobb Deep, they had their hit song “Quiet Storm”.  Now before Lil’ Kim got on the remix, a lot of DJs wasn’t really playing it.  Everybody was like man that remix dope, but I was like the song was already dope before Lil Kim got on the track (laughing).  Right now, my boss at HOT 104.1 be like “Charlie you playing too much De La Soul or you playing too many hood records.”  I tell him that’s what the listeners want to hear.  He also told me I play too many male rappers.  I told him that the women listeners prefer the songs by male rappers over the ones by females.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  You are so right Charlie!  In my collection of rap albums, I have more male artists than I do female.  I have male rappers like DMX, Eazy-E, Yo-Gotti, Rich Homie Quan,Tupac, Biggie, Master P, NAS, etc, in my collection.  Some of my female friends be looking at me like, “Really girl?! You got Eazy- E in your car.” (laughing) I’m like “What’s wrong with Eazy-E?”  There’s nothing wrong with the female artists, but that’s what I like.

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  EXACTLY, and that’s what I was saying. I know what I’m talking about.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Now you are DMC’s (Run-DMC) personal DJ.  I saw you on The Queen Latifah Show a few months ago. I saw DMC on stage rapping with Queen Latifah and then they showed you doing your thang on the turntables.  I looked and was like, “Is that Charlie Chan Soprano?”  I looked again and said “THAT IS CHARLIE!” (laughing) You was doing it!  How did you and DMC connect?

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  Thank you!  Well okay let me take you back to the night Tupac died, which was September 13, 1996.  I was in Lawrence, Kansas competing in a DJ battle competition.  I competed against a local DJ named DJ Rice.  I beat him and won the competition by using the “Peter Piper” record by RUN-DMC.  My prize was $500 and the chance to open up for RUN-DMC.  I found out that two of the judges did not want me to win.  They thought that since I was a popular DJ from St. Louis that I was going to be arrogant.  Two weeks later, I get back to St. Louis and RUN-DMC was at Club Evolution performing where I was a regular DJ.  They were coming off stage and I saw Jam Master Jay and asked him he could stand here for a minute. I got on the mic and announced to everyone that I won a contest in Kansas and would be opening up for RUN-DMC.  I performed the same “Peter Piper” routine that I did in the competition.  After I performed at the concert in north Kansas, Jam Master Jay and I got to talk a while and then he told me that Run-DMC was having a concert and asked me, “How would you like to open and close for Run-DMC?”  Jay also told me up front that there was no money involved but if I stick with him he would set something up for me.  I was like cool.  Then on Easter Sunday in 1997, I met Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat when I went to a SO-SO DEF party at Club Kaya in Atlanta.  DJ Nads was always the regular DJ at Club Kaya on Sundays and he was also rap group Kris Kross’ personal DJ.  While I was deejaying Jermaine and Da Brat was handing me my records.  Later on that night I got to talking with Da Brat and she asked me to be her DJ.  I didn’t find out until later on that Jam Master Jay had set that whole meeting up.  So from 1997-1999 I was deejaying for Da Brat but still at the same time was opening shows for RUN-DMC.  Jam Master Jay passed away on October 30, 2002.  A couple of years later I ran into DMC, and me and him got to talk and catch up on old times. DMC decided to become a solo artist and asked me to be his DJ and I have been since 2004.  I am also RUN-DMC’s DJ as well.  I have been all over the world touring with DMC.  Places like Japan, New Amsterdam, Columbia.  We was getting so much love overseas.  The people over in those countries would run up to us in the street and hug us.  DMC and I made history by performing in Vietnam.  We was the first to be able to perform in their country.  I also toured with DMC in the US.  I got a chance to be around LL Cool J a few times.  LL didn’t know at the time that I was DMC’s DJ until he said something about it.  LL looked and said , “ Who’s Charlie?” and then he looked at me and said, “Him?!  I thought that big muthaf**** was security!” (laughing) LL used to see me get people out of our way when they would run up to us.  I still have to be reminded that I’m DMC’s DJ.  Fans would come up to ask him for an autograph and I’ll be getting out of the way.  DMC would look at me and say, “You, come over here. You’re suppose to be over here with me.”  That’s how much respect I have for him.  I still get excited when I meet somebody in the industry that I have never met before.  I love being a DJ.  I could not imagine myself doing anything else.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  That is so cool!  You have definitely lived.  To be able to experience all that and remain so humble is just very touching.  So since you have been deejaying, how many mixtapes do you have?

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  Awwww let me see.  Girl you gonna make me go back and dig through my stuff! (laughing) I would say between 25 to 30 mixtapes.  Now majority of them are a actual cassette tape because back in the day that’s what you used to make a “mixtape”.  At the time I didn’t believe in copying mixtapes until my deck broke (laughing), from that point on I was doing it.  I didn’t start using CDs til 1997.  I was selling my mixtapes at Mr. Manns and Deep Grooves

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Okay, are there any local artists or celebrity music artists you loved working with?  Who is your favorite?

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  Well I liked working with Dangerous D a.k.a D-Rebel.  Him and I did a vinyl back in 1987 called “Power of Soul” and the b-side was called “He’s my DJ”.  The mixtape was a tribute to the late James Brown and we also shot a music video that you can find on YouTube.  D-Rebel passed away in a car accident in Killeen, Texas.  St. Louis producer Luqman and St. Louis rapper Ram Rilla (Ram Love) were my favorite artists to work with.  Ram Rilla had two popular singles in The Lou.  One was called “Background Check” and the other was called “ St. Louis City” where he was giving shoutouts to all the gang sets in the city.  Some people were like, “Wait a minute! This guy is shouting out gang members!”  Ram Rilla did the “St. Louis City” remix with Chingy and Richie Rich.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Cool, what is your favorite DJ equipment to use?

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  The technique 1200s (turntables) but I do like controllers.  It just depends on the type of gig I have for me to see which one I will use.  I had a wedding reception I did one time and for that I took my controller.  Controllers are much easier to carry because it’s less equipment.  They have a lot of different effects on them that you can use which I think is pretty cool.  I recently deejayed at Macy’s at Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters and at West County Mall in Des Peres.  I brought my controller and the people were very impressed.  One guy said , “Wow!  Look what he brought.”  He later told me that there was one guy they hired to DJ and all he brought was his laptop and just mixed the music on there.  You know there are software programs where you can mix tracks and you don’t need a controller or turntables hooked up to the laptop.  When that guy told me that I said okay I will never do that.  You know you still have to be professional out here.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  That is so true.  Are there any current and/or upcoming projects that you have coming out?

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  Yes.  I currently have GANGSTA BOOGIE with DJ Boogie Corleone out.  Be on the look out for GANGSTA BOOGIE 2!  I have a mixtape coming out called “I USED 2 LOVE HER”, it’s gonna be a mix of neo-soul and hip hop.  I also have a mixtape I’m working on right now with DJ Kimmy Nu called “The Rookie Meets The Legend”.  It’s going to have neo-soul and hip hop artists such as De La Soul, Mos Def, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Troy Ave, and other similar artists.  Also DJ Witz and myself are working on a mixtape that will be acapella over reggae music.  I am producing for DMC as well.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  That’s gonna be real good!  I love that GANGSTA BOOGIE mixtape!  You and DJ Boogie Corleone laid that out from beginning to end.  Where are some places in The Lou that the local people can see you DJ?

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  Thank You.  I can be seen at Cuetopia II in Florissant on Tuesdays, LOLA in Downtown St. Louis on Fridays, and EXO in Downtown St. Louis on Saturdays.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  And there you have it y’all!  Charlie I really enjoyed this interview. You have told me so much.  I look forward to the next time we do this again.

CHARLIE CHAN SOPRANO:  Me too.  We gonna have to talk again real soon.



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By Tiffany L. Riley

There have been so many music artists to come out of the St. Louis, MO area.  A lot of them, such as Tina Turner, Miles Davis, and Nelly, have gone on to become successful stars .  I recently got the chance to listen to a new upcoming R&B singer from St. Louis named DAMIOU (pronounced Damien) WILLIAMS.  He has been making a lot of noise here on the local scene.   I sat down with Damiou a few days ago to talk about his journey in life and how he got into music. I really enjoyed this interview.  He is a very humble person who’s driven to take his music career to the next level while making a difference in peoples’ lives.  Here is our wonderful interview:

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  What’s going’ on Damiou?

DAMIOU WILLIAMS:  How you doin’ Ms. Tiffany?

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY :  I’m doin’ great!  How about yourself?

DAMIOU WILLIAMS:  Oh I’m doin’ real good.  Just very excited about this interview!

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY: (laughing) I am too!  I have heard a lot of great things about you and I got the chance to listen to some of your music.  I am very impressed with your talent.  I couldn’t wait to have the opportunity to meet you and to hear your story.

DAMIOU WILLIAMS:  Well thank you.  That means a lot to me.  It’s definitely been a long road for me but I am blessed to be here and do what I love to do, which is sing.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  You are very down to earth Damiou.  Okay let’s get started…..How long have you been singing?

DAMIOU WILLIAMS:  Well I’ve been singing since I was about 7 years old.  My grandfather Bernard Williams passed away back on March 9, 1996.  My biological father I only met one time in my life and he bought me a soda for 35 cents.  At the time my older sister and I were living in Indianola, Mississippi with my grandmother Deloris Williams before we relocated to St. Louis, MO in 2000.  My mother Gwen Williams left me and my siblings behind and moved to Texas to begin a new life.  She also got married down there too.  My grandmother was like a mother to me and really stepped up and took care of me and my sister.  If it wasn’t for her I don’t know where I would be.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  What made you want to sing?

DAMIOU WILLIAMS:  When I was 16 years old I was hanging out on my porch with some friends of mine….SHOUT OUT TO BRITTANY AND COOKIE!  At the time I wanted to be a rapper.  I was pretty good at flowing.  These two girls asked me if I could sing…I told them yeah I can.  So they asked me to sing a song for them.  I sung for them and they was like WOW DAMIOU U CAN SING!  Brittney and Cookie told me that I need to sing instead of rap.  They said almost everybody can rap but not everyone can sing.  Soon after that I started working with a vocal coach to tune my voice up.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Who are some R&B singers you would consider inspirations?

DAMIOU WILLIAMS:  It’s so many, but if I had to narrow it down I would say Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Miguel, August Alsina.  They are all great R&B singers.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Who are some people you have gotten a chance to work with?

DAMIOU WILLIAMS:  Well back in 2008 at Shock City Studio here in St. Louis I met Bradd Young.  Bradd Young is a producer and R&B singer.  He had the hit song “Grown Man”.  My manager Eric Pinkett at the time and myself were in a studio session when I saw Bradd walk in.  I asked my manager,  “Who is that?”.  Bradd had on this leather coat and was wearing an afro.  He came in looking like a superstar.  I’ve been working with him on songs ever since.  I have a song called “She Movin’ It” featuring Bradd Young that I did a few years ago.  We even shot a music video for the song (You Tube under Damiou Williams Music).  There have been other artists I have worked with as well, Mo Lyric, Bell Davis, Lil’ Foe a.ka. Mr. GNarly, Tray D, and City.  I also worked with Charlie Free and I actually opened up for her at Blueberry Hill in Delmar Loop at her album release party.  It’s always a great thing being able to work with other artists.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Who would you love to have a R&B/Hip Hop duet with and why?

DAMIOU WILLIAMS:  Wow, it’s so many!  But if I had to choose then for the R&B side I would say Trey Songz.  Trey Songz does the same type of music that I like to do.  He does the “GROWN & SEXY” type of R&B.  Now for the Hip Hop side I have two artists:  B.O.B and Yo Gotti.  B.O.B has a huge fan base.  He has had the ability to cross over onto the POP charts.  Yo Gotti keeps it real.  All his music is about real life and the struggle.  He started from the bottom and worked hard to be known.  

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Those are all good choices (laughing), I’m a fan of all of them.  Do you have any mixtapes/albums or currently working on one?

DAMIOU WILLIAMS:  I have a project I’m working on with Bradd Young .  I am branching out to different producers as well.  I’m working with an artist name Mai-Lee and rapper Vega Heartbreak on the project.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Are there any local venues that you have done and/or can be seen at in the future?

DAMIOU WILLIAMS:  I have done different private parties, casinos…..I did a concert in Cairo, Illinois.  I have done concerts at The Loft ,The Rustic Goat, The Coliseum, and The Ambassador.  I also did a school tour where I played at 20 different school in St. Louis.  That tour was called The Integrity Tour.  

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  What are some venues you haven’t done yet that you would like to do?

DAMIOU WILLIAMS:  I would really like to play The Fox Theater. You have more of a personal connection with the audience. Another venue that would be my dream to have a concert at is Madison Square Garden.  That place right there is to me the ultimate venue to have a concert at.  

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Where do you see yourself five years from now?

DAMIOU WILLIAMS:  Five years from now I see myself as being successful, headlining my own tour, being well known globally, being an Icon, and being a better person than I was five years ago.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Is there anything else you would like your fans or people who may not be familiar with you to know?

DAMIOU WILLIAMS:  I’ve had some personal trying times in my life.  My grandfather passed away, my mother moved to another state to begin a brand new life, and still I managed to get through all of that.   We all go through things in life ,and just because you have terrible situations that you go through doesn’t mean you have to turn to the streets.  I am drug free, I graduated from high school (Bayless High School in St. Louis) and I been pursuing my dream of being a singer.  I go around to different schools in the St. Louis area to talk to the kids and let them know that they can follow their dreams, respect yourself, and stay on the right path.  I had a time where I was hanging with the wrong crowd in high school, but I was able to have mentors guide me to a positive lifestyle.  I was also a mentor to a student name Deontay Pearson.  Deontay was basically hanging around the wrong crowd and got shot several times. The shooting left him paralyzed .  Deontay turned his life around and is now an inspiring rapper.

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  Any shoutouts you want to give?

DAMIOU WILLIAMS:  I wanna give a shoutout to MAMA LAURA , her sons Brett, Dale, Trey, and the rest of the family. She is an incredible woman that took me under her wing when I was a teenager.   I also wanna give a shoutout to BIG COUNTRY (Security).  He’s been going through chemotherapy for his cancer and always manages to still support me.  Need to show some love to my family….my three sisters: Kim Williams, Bernadette Williams, and Gwendella Williams, and my brother Andre Crowley.  I want to shoutout  Mr. William CaldwelI and his wife Reva.  They are my photographers.  My friend JAY R.  You’ve been like a brother to me from day one since I moved to St. Louis.  I also want to shoutout DJ EPIC for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be featured on TEAM EPIC website.  Also my own website will be up soon  You can follow me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.  I will be in the MAY DAY parade and DJ EPIC will be spinning for me.  I also would like to thank my fans and other people who have supported me and TEAM DAMIOU WILLIAMS!!!!

TIFFANY LASHONDA RILEY:  There it is!!!  To check out some videos by Damiou Williams, go to and go to DAMIOU WILLIAMS MUSIC.  Thanks for the interview Damiou!

DAMIOU WILLIAMS:  My pleasure Ms. Tiffany.

Tiffany LaShonda Riley

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WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?! BY spunkybrewstar

Things That Make Ya Go…WTF.

It’s Bo Time

First, the inglorious MLK party flyers, then, Nicki Minaj’s controversial use of Malcolm X’s photo, and now, while it doesn’t necessarily disgrace any one historically recognized human rights activist (though, it does manage to embarrass us all), THIS.

bojanglespartybanner (1)bojanglespartydetails (2)bojanglespartyattendees (3)

That’s right, folks, the youth are twerking for fried chicken and biscuits.

I received a Facebook ‘event notification’ for this ridiculosity and couldn’t believe it was a real thing.  Naturally, I vented my disgust via Facebook status post:

spunkybrewstarstatus (4)
Most who commented found the notion of a Bojangles Twerkfest, hilarious.

It was only ever sad and disgusting to me.

Especially as I read through some of the comments on the event page:


“Im throwing chicken on whoever twerk the best!”

“Man is Yu sellin boberry biscuits?”


These kids make my spirit hurt …like, have they NO respect for themselves or their peers?  And where does this behavior come from? Is it learned behavior?  Are the parents around?  Better question, are the parents aware and engaged in their kids’ lives?  Is it the music (::waves at Miley::)?  Is it the television programming?  The movies? Their environment?  Their friends, but if that’s the case, the friends had to have gotten it from somewhere as well.  So what is the ROOT of the problem?  I’d say if ever there were a time to figure it out, when the youth are bent over jiggling their giblets for giblets, THAT IS THE TIME.

Where They Do That At?  Apparently, Fayetteville,  NC.

-Spunky, out.


Canal Street by spunkybrewstar

Welcome back, ya’ll.  I hope since our last encounter, you’ve been cramming lots of Prince EA down those ear canals…but I’m also hoping that you’ve left some room….’cause I come bearing more of that gooood good.


Who Dat, Harpo?  Sam Smith

Hailin’ From:  England, United Kingdom

Spunky Calls It (Genre):  Blue Eyed Gritty R&B w/A Side of Pop

What’s to Like?:  I don’t know if it’s just me and my somewhat addictive personality, but every now and again, I come across a song that I can’t help but listen to over and over and over again. I’m talking, HOURS of ‘on-repeat’ action, people.  Sam Smith’s Nirvana is one of those songs.  First, there’s his arresting voice that constitutes the perfect trifecta of smooth, strong and intoxicating …kind of like a top-shelf single malt Scotch Whisky.  Goes down nice and easy and leaves you with that warm tingling sensation.  And those high notes? Oh, yes sir, yes ma’am.  But if that weren’t enough, there’s the content.  The lyrics paint pictures on the heart’s canvas that we can all relate to.

It’s too late to run away from it all
It’s too late to get away from it all
I’m done with running so I give in to you

This moment has caused a reaction
Resulting in our reattachment

Oh you take me to nirvana
I don’t think this will last
But you’re here in my arms

Reconnecting with that ex that you knew you should have left alone because it obviously, would never actually work out, but decide to go with it anyway because…it just feels right in that moment?  Well, that moment is Nirvana.

Check it.

If you’re interested, Sam has a new album dropping in the U.K. and U.S. on May 26, 2014 and June 17, 2014, respectively.  I’ve already given it a listen, and trust me, you should definitely be interested.

Want More?  Hit the links.



iTunes: In The Lonely Hour (Album)

Amazon: In The Lonely Hour (Album)

-Spunky, out.