Baby Breakers By Tiffany L. Riley

What’s the new trend for 2014…?


                                                By Tiffany L. Riley

Okay….now that I have your undivided attention, you’re probably wondering   what a “Baby Breaker” is.  A baby breaker is a man who has an outside child on his girlfriend/wife while they’re on a so-called “break” (yes, married people take breaks too y’all).  Even though this has been going on for years, we have two celebrity men to thank for making this popular enough to catch social media’s eye.  Let’s give these men a round of applause!!!!

Blog D Wade       BLog Ludacris

          DWYANE WADE                                     LUDACRIS

*Making millions as an NBA            *What you see is what you get.

player and dressing like this.           Please don’t think too hard on that!


    A HOT MESS!!!!



            Dwyane Wade and his girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union, recently got engaged.  The two had a brief “break” in their relationship and reconciled a few months later.  Gabrielle posted a picture of her ring via Instagram and said she accepted Dwyane’s proposal.

                                                Blog Dwade Ring

Everyone was pretty much like ‘Yeah congrats Dwyane and Gabby’, but a few days later, the news came out that he fathered a baby six weeks prior and it wasn’t by his new fiancé’ Gabrielle.  So the BIG question that everyone was asking: Who is the mystery woman??


    Aja Metoyer                                     Dwyane and Gabrielle                                                                              

      Blog Aja Metoyer              BLog Dwade And Gabby             





            Aja Metoyer says she is not just Dwyane Wade’s baby mama and that she has been with him for 9 years.  Say what now?!  Wait a minute, let’s figure this equation out:  Gabrielle + Dwyane = 4 years together.




Blog Dwade 3


So Gabby’s been the side chick all along?  Well technically yes, but not to Ms Aja.  In case y’all forgot, let me refresh your memory:


Dwyane had a wife named Siohvaughn (pictured above); they were married in 2002 and were together for 8 years.  They got divorced in 2010, but Dwyane and Gabrielle started dating while he was still married to Siohvaughn.  So Aja saying that she’s been with Dwyane for 9 years just means she has been a side chick longer than Gabby.


Gabrielle Union recently had an interview with Glamour Magazine and stated that she felt it was her fault that Dwyane had a child outside of their relationship.  Gabrielle said, “The reason we took a break was because of me basically putting my career first before him.”  She also said that if she had to choose Dwyane would come first before her career.  Yep…SHE’S A DAMN FOOL!! 


Meanwhile, Aja Metoyer decided to write an open letter to Gabrielle Union.  In the letter, she describes how she has been in Dwyane and Gabrielle’s bedroom, and also tells Gabrielle that Dwyane just wanted a lot of attention.  What kind of man is this acting like a two year old??  Gabrielle is a very successful and beautiful woman.  It’s a shame that she is putting up all with this drama.  If the situation was reversed and she had a child with another man, Dwyane would not be with Gabrielle. In my opinion, he should not get a pass just because he’s a wealthy basketball player.





 Ludacris and his girlfriend Eudoxie (pictured below) have been together for 4 years.  Ludacris is a rapper/actor from Atlanta.  He owns his record label, Disturbing Tha Peace, and has been part of the Fast & Furious franchise; Eudoxie is a medical student. 

Blog Ludacris 2

The two took a break from their relationship early in 2013 but got back together a few months later.  Right after Dwyane Wade’s love child with Aja Metoyer was discovered, Ludacris had his own secret that was ready to be unveiled: He also had a child outside of his relationship with Eudoxie.  WHAT?!  NOT AGAIN!!  So who is this woman that Ludacris fathered a child with????


                 TAMIKA FULLER

Blog Jump Off

        THE JUMP OFF!!!!


This situation is very interesting.  Ludacris and Tamika have known each other since high school.  Through the years, Ludacris and Tamika dated each other on and off way before Eudoxie came into the picture.   Now Ludacris claims that he and Eudoxie were broken up when he had a “fling” with Tamika, but Tamika has a different story.  She claims that Ludacris was still with Eudoxie when they began messing around again.  Eudoxie says she is devastated by this situation, but she plans on sticking by her man and hopes they still get married one day.


 All I can say is it must be a shortage of men out here….                                                                 


                                          GOOD LUCK!!!!


By DJ Epic

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