This Week On This Side Of The River By CC Lovechild

This Week On This Side Of The River By CC Lovechild

This is your cousin CC Lovechild coming live from the other side of 70 highway letting you know what’s poppin on this side of the river. If you enjoy or don’t enjoy my posts or want more information on what you see, hit me up @ or twitter me @cclovechild

Its very rare that you have real musicians/artists these days that give you a complete sound.
This man is the Michael Jackson of Gospel Music!  He’s a one man band and gives life to everything he touches, he comes from a legacy of greatness in the kingdom and doesn’t look like he will be stopping anytime soon.  Rarely do you find a musician that is just as awesome live, but Pastor Keith Newton gives it straight across the board.  He makes me love jazz music, that’s how cold he is….His latest project “I’LL SAY YES’ is rockin’ worship across the nation.  Not to mention he is affectionately known as ‘the thumper’; check out his YouTube yall!
My ears have fell in love with this next joint, its been a long time coming from this next young man by the name of Odell Talley!  “PRAISE COMIN ON” is not only a hit for the radio, but its simplicity can rock even the oldest of souls.  O’s realness is timelessly captured in this soon to be classic.  And, LIVE….O cheesus!  He takes you to another place!  I used to go to funerals I knew he was playing at just to hear him. *gigglin*
Next week its an indie evolution takeover!!!

By DJ Epic

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