Canal Street By Spunky Brewstar

Canal Street

So, welcome to my special little corner of the Society. This is where I’ll ‘Sound Off’ about what you should be jamming down your ear canals…’cause , well, you can’t put just anything in there(hint: step awaaaaay from the cotton swabs).

I’ll be covering anything from country, to hip hop, to R&B, to folk artists/albums….mainly, ‘cause that’s how I roll …and also, because my intent is to potentially broaden your horizons and turn you on and UP. It’s not about me, it’s about giving you multiple eargasms…#hashtagSELFLESS 😉

And the first cowboy, I’m gonna saddle up for this rodeo iiiiis:

Prince EA

Who Dat, Harpo? Prince EA

Hailin’ From: St. Louis, MO

What’s to like: This guy’s motto is, “I Make‘Smart’  Cool.” What’s NOT to love about that? Plus, lyrically, the kid is sick. I mean, he’s actually GOT. THINGS.TO. SAY.

 I remember, years ago, happening onto one of his many Youtube videos for the first time and being blown away—and he’s only gotten better over the years. As with many of my favorite underground musicians, I wish I could hear his brand of music on the radio…but in order for that to happen, he’d most likely have to sign with a record label, and from what I’ve seen with other artists, they almost always lose themselves to the industry. He’s too good to lose. But you don’t have to take MY word for it …the man’s talent speaks for itself. Here are just a few of my favorites:




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By DJ Epic

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